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1 Week of Warframe – Updated Review

Preface: If you haven’t yet read my initial review of Warframe (Day 1), you can find that here!


Now that I have gotten the hang of Warframe… Where do I start? It’s seriously SUCH a great game (even better because it’s free)! I am slowly becoming obsessed with Warframe. This game is A LOT to take in at first. It took a lot of playing (and sucking at playing) to actually understand it. I’m no pro, but I understand the game now well-enough to play it.

Warframe is a third-person shooter/hack & slash game with an amazing community. You basically do missions to get items, components, and mods that will build/level-up your characters [“Warframes”] and weapons.

The game feels very fast paced due to the parkour, which is probably my favorite thing about the game-play! Slow traveling is the #1 thing that irritates me while playing other games… when you’re in a game, you have to run to the other side of the large map, and your character decides to run slow AF… I know that you know what I’m talking about!!! Speaking of maps, the maps are random! So, if you do the same mission more than once, the layout may not be the same. Missions can be completed very quickly, and are repeatable! The rewards earned at the end of the mission are random, so it will probably take a few tries to get the item that you need. <- That is called “farming”.


Of-course after I start getting really comfortable on Warframe, I found the tutorials… If you need more help with the game, it’s in your Codex with the subtitle: Training.


Here are a few questions that I wish I would have had answers to on my first day of playing…

What is the difference between ‘Rank” & ‘Mastery Rank’ and how do you level those?


Your Warframe Characters have their own individual ‘Rank’, but your over-all account level is your ‘Mastery Rank’. My Volt is currently level nineteen and the level goes up quickly during game-play. My Mastery Rank is two and you level up by completing a test. You can attempt to upgrade your Mastery Level once per day. If you fail, you have to wait 24 hours to re-take the Mastery Rank Upgrade.

 How do I tell which planet drops the items I need?


Let’s say I need to build a Rhino Chassis (a Rhino Chassis is one of the 4 parts needed to create the Rhino Warframe). Well, in the Foundry on my ship, it says I need 1 Morphics, 300 Rubedo, & 1,000 Ferrite. Well, I have the Morphics & the Rubedo. It looks like all I need is Ferrite. I walk over to Navigation, click on a planet, then click R3! After clicking R3, the possible rewards show up to the right of the planet. So that means, I would get Ferrite on Earth! Before knowing this, I had to google which planets dropped the specific item I needed.


Where do I get the blueprint for the Warframe I want?

The Rhino Warframe is a good farming Warframe. Great for beginners!

Blueprints are purchased from the Marketplace with credits (in-game currency that you obtain during game-play). I just go into my Arsenal, click the Warframe I want the blueprint for, press R1 to buy the blueprint with credits, and purchase!



I don’t really understand Modding or Fusion enough yet to explain the best ways of upgrading your Warframe or weapons. Modding basically makes your character better/faster/stronger by adding skills to it. When I upgrade my Warframe, I use the Auto-Install feature (‘R3’ / see picture below). It has done well so far.  I don’t really understand Fusion yet, but my husband says it basically makes the Mods better. You have limited space for mods. Once you get your Warframe to level 30, you can use a Forma on your Warframe. It will drop the Warframe’s Rank back to 0, but add more room for mods. I’m guessing you can do the same with weapons as well, but I am not so sure.



Warframe is a very cooperative game, you are constantly doing missions with other random players. If you go through missions having dealt 0% damage, don’t worry! Check out the other player’s Mastery Ranks. If their Mastery Rank is high, chances are they have done this mission way more than once (while farming). You get better quickly and everyone starts from the beginning, so that player was at your skill level (or lack of) at one time.


If you have any more questions, here is the link that helped me out the most:

Reddit – Warframe Beginner’s Guidance


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