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What’s on my PlayStation 4? | PS4 Console Games That I Play!

This is the last completely video game-related post I will be posting for a bit. I am going to focus more on posting about life as a nerdy mom as opposed to life just as a nerd! These recent posts are just leading up to that, so bear with me…

This post contains all of the games I currently have downloaded on my PlayStation 4 console. I have played all except for one of the games posted. Some games I play more than others. Starting with the most recently played games, let’s begin…


Warframe is my current favorite cooperative third-person shooter / hack & slash video game out right now. You play as a member of the Tenno that wakes from cryosleep in the midst of a war! It’s really hard to find a game with a community as great as Warframe’s. New players are welcomed with open arms and encouraged. The graphics are great, and the game-play is greater. Although there are two things I don’t like about Warframe. That is the Odonata (flying) missions and when experienced players slack-off. Sometimes you will even see one of your squad members just sitting at the beginning through the WHOLE MISSION! It just bugs me like crazy, especially if I am struggling to finish the mission by myself!
** See my week of Warframe review for a more in-depth perception into the game.




Destiny will always be a favorite of mine. Players take on the role of the Guardian and try to protect Earth’s last safe city with the power of Light. This first-person shooter / hack & slash combo game is newbie-friendly during story-mode, but crucible (PVP) would be a little too difficult for a new player. My favorite part about this game is the graphics and the tower glitches! There are frequent dance parties in Tower which is a great way to have some relaxing fun in between completing missions.  I love doing the Strike Playlists, but Crucible is just not my thing. I need to start getting used to Crucible though, so I can start getting better weapons.



Destiny 2 beta was the week-long test-run for the full Destiny 2 game. The full game comes out September 6th of this year and the beta ended two days ago. The beta offered the beginning story mode, a strike, and 2 crucible options. The graphics are even better than Destiny’s (which has insanely good graphics to start).
** SPOILER ALERT! – Do not click unless you have played the beta!




I know it looks like I skipped some games that are in the screen-shots… I did not include those games on purpose. Those are the games my kid’s play, and I didn’t really find those relevant to this post since I haven’t played them. Anyways, back to your reading…



The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games are our family’s favorite game-night video games! We beat MUA1 & are currently working on MUA2! My favorite characters to play as are either Doctor Strange or Magneto. The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games are action role-playing games where you can unlock and play as your favorite Marvel heroes. You can also level-up your moves which makes killing baddies easier!



World of Tanks is a fun MMO game. You drive tanks around and destroy shit! I have actually only played it only once for my FREE PS4 Game Initial Reviews post. While being brand new to the three games in the review post, this was easily my favorite. It’s easy to learn the game-play, although can be difficult to drive. You control an armored vehicle which may be light (fast with little damage), medium (average speed/average damage), or heavy (slow with high damage). This game reminds me of a Nintendo 64 favorite of mine called Battletanx!




Styx is an infiltration game that I think I just don’t have the patience for. You’re a goblin named Styx that sneaks, steals, and assassinates his way through the game. You usually have to wait (patiently) for the perfect opportunity to proceed to where your mission takes you.






Life Is Strange is probably the perfect video game for a rainy day. It’s more of an interactive story than anything. You play as a girl named Max that has the power to rewind time. Max foresee’s a storm demolish her city and is desperately trying everything in her power to stop it. The decisions that you make in the game affects the results of your story. I played the first episode, and downloaded the second. So far, I would recommend it for a calm but lazy day.






Tales from the Borderlands is the only game on here, that I haven’t played!
FAIL for having it on here, am I right? The only reason it’s this high on the list, is because I downloaded it pretty recently.






Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is the Pre-Sequel to Borderlands 2, as well as the Borderlands 2 game. I haven’t played much of the Pre-Sequel, however I did beat Borderlands 2. This is the game that got me back into gaming! Borderlands 2 is very funny, and the graphics are very unique. I played as Krieg the Psycho. If you are going to start playing Borderlands, please watch all the cut-scenes. They are probably the best part of the game.




I’m definitely a Marvel Comics fan at heart, but DC Universe Online is an amazing action combat MMO (massive multiplayer online game)! DCUO is free-to-play, but the options that you get for free are kind of lame. All of the cool super-powers cost real money! I haven’t played it in a while, but I have some pretty wicked characters on there.





Last, but definitely not least! Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing video game with a great story! You play as an outcast hunter/archer named Aloy living in a world overrun with machines! I got to a part that I can’t get past though, so I stopped playing. Horizon Zero Dawn is a single player game.






I hope you enjoyed seeing which games I have on my PlayStation 4! I would love to see what games you currently have downloaded on your system (whether that be Xbox or PlayStation)! Please mention them in the comments below!   🙂


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