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6 Random Facts About Me | Taylor B. Kyle

I’ve been slacking like crazy, I know… I haven’t posted in over a week! As I ready myself for my upcoming quality-post, I figured I should give my 3 followers some kind of entertainment! This is better than nothing, right? As I was walking to get more coffee, the idea of this posting just came to me. Please don’t unfollow!


  1. I chew gum while driving.

    I don’t know if my car will even start without me having gum in my mouth. Chewing gum was a bad habit for me in high-school due to my fear of having bad breath. I figured if I always chewed on gum I would never have bad breath! Well, that habit has stuck longer than I could have wished. I could be driving for 2 minutes, or 2 hours… I will be chewing gum. Even if I am not actively chewing the gum, it will still be in my mouth. I bet I have the freshest breath in town.

  2. I am very musically inclined.

    That is something my parents have ingrained in me since I was a child. My grandma taught me how to play the piano when I was very young. I enjoyed it, but never really excelled at it. In middle-school I learned to play clarinet & dabbled in percussion (mainly the bass drum). It wasn’t until I was a teenager and took countless guitar lessons that I actually started to enjoy music. I remember how different it became listening to music after guitar lessons. I never really separated the sound of the instruments, and always seemed to phase the sounds together. Songs start to sound different when you start focusing on a specific instrument.

  3. I graduated with ‘Honors’ in High-School.

    Meaning, I had above a 3.5 GPA for 7 consecutive semesters.  That surprises people that knew the old me, because I did my fair share of illegal substances back in my day! I’m pretty certain I heard a gasp when the counselor included my names in with the other honor student’s. What was my trick for getting good grades? I always did my homework. Sometimes, I was rushing to do my homework in the class before my homework was due. Other times, I was high and breaking down the math questions way more than they should be broken down.

    I completely failed one class… Geometry. I still blame the teacher who was new to teaching. I remember frequently just walking out of his class while he was starting a power-trip. We didn’t get along (to say the least). The majority of the other students failed his class as well, and he was let go. When I repeated Geometry the following semester, I had a 98%; the highest grade in the class. I would finish tests, and wait to turn them in so I wasn’t first. Didn’t want to look like the dweeb that I eventually turned in to.

  4. I love motorcycles.

    My brother is 11 months older than I am. So growing up, I always wanted to do the things he did. In my youth, I was frequently: skateboarding, snowboarding, wake-boarding, riding dirt-bikes, and shooting guns! He let me go out on his dirt-bike a couple of times. I just love the adrenaline rush you get from most male-dominated sports.

    I actually plan to get a motorcycle very soon. I was looking into the Honda Grom, but lately I have been thinking of a Suzuki DRZ400. I just love the style of a street-legal dirt-bike! My husband has a 2017 Honda Rebel 500, and wants to pass it down to me so he can upgrade; but it’s just not me.

  5. I enjoy yard-work.

    I pretty much like doing any DIY project that shows results instantly. My yard looks terrible right now, I’ll be honest. It’s super hot outside and I have just let the yard go to crap. I stopped halfway through fixing the sprinklers, because I kept running into problems. I plan on replacing the PVC pipe and sprinklers completely once the temperature starts to cool down.

    My front yard looks good other than the lack of lawn (due again to shit-sprinklers). I got some nice planters and laid river-rock for under my kids windows. I also put more river-rock in the space between my driveway and the neighbors. I have so many plans for my property, and can’t wait to work on them.

  6. I obsess over my handwriting.

    This is something that has always tortured me. I probably have some form of OCD, but just don’t really feel the need to get properly diagnosed. If you look in my office trash-can right now, you will find 5 or 6 copies of the same list. It’s just a to-do list for myself, so why rewrite it so many times? For some reason, my handwriting is never perfect and that makes me cringe. In school, I would constantly rewrite papers over and over because of one little handwriting error that I could have easily ignored, crossed out, or even erased.

    If this blog was handwritten, I would be screwed. 


I hope you enjoyed this random posting, I should be posting a more structured blog-post within the next couple of days. Maybe this posting quenched your thirst, maybe it didn’t. Oh well! Until next time, my loves.


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