Re: SAHM Jobs

The Perfect Side Hustle

I don’t know if it’s just me, but being a SAHM (Stay-At-Home Mom) can have me feeling pretty worthless sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I know my worth! Taking care of your own kids is something that some mom’s only dream of doing. It’s just that I am so used to pitching-in financially that it actually scares me not to be employed. I have always had a job since I turned fifteen and have counted on my own income. Living off of my husband’s income is not ideal for the mindset of the “independent” type. Solution: I started a side hustle! Even if it’s not making money, it’s giving me a sense of purpose (at least that’s what I tell myself so I don’t give-up hope).

I am the most organized messy person that I have ever met. I have a well-organized family binder inside of the messiest desk you will ever come across. Years ago, I started creating monthly calendar printouts with a list of bills to be paid and when to pay them. I did this monthly, until October 2016 I had an epiphany! I can sell my print-outs!! So, I created The Printing Pub; a shop for my printable pages on Etsy. Within a month, The Printing Pub had inventory!

What is a printable?

A printable is basically downloadable organizational/decorative page(s) that can be printed out to make a physical-copy immediately.

Why is creating a business selling downloadable content a seemingly perfect hustle?:

  1. Nothing has to be shipped out! That means no waiting in line at the post office, no tracking numbers, and no missing/late packages!
  2. I make the item once, and sell it an unlimited amount of times. 
  3. I can make money even while on vacation. You don’t always HAVE to create new items to list, but it is encouraged.
  4. It’s something I know how to do, and enjoy doing!
  5. Although there are plenty of shops selling printable pages, there isn’t much competition between shops. People like what they like! Each creator is going to create very unique content. Sort-of similar to how different YouTuber’s can make the same style of videos.


Fast forward to 3 months after opening my shop, I had already given up on The Printing Pub. It was a good idea, but my printable pages just weren’t selling. I felt my time was wasted. Creating a printable can take hours or even days! You have to create the actual product (from idea to final draft), make an advertisement for it (Photoshop), write a description so people know what they are buying, and hope it sells! One day, I logged into my personal bank account & saw a deposit from Etsy for $0.70! I know it seems minimal, but it blew my mind that someone would actually pay me for something that I created! It gave me the confidence I needed, to put more time into creating inventory.

Yet again, I had given up on The Printing Pub. That is, until last week… another sale! This time, for $6.98. I was trying to choose between focusing on my blog or my Etsy shop. Both have possible financial gain down the road, but no promises. I decided… might as well do a little of both! I changed the name of my shop to 1337DLC (DLC = Downloadable Content). I changed the name to help link back to my website, as well as put less limitations on the type of product I can sell. I don’t want to just create printable pages, I would also like to create organizational wallpapers for phones & PC!

Lately, I have been insanely busy with life, my kids and I have also been sick. I feel like I keep apologizing to you guys for the lack of content. It has been starting to feel like I take one micro-step forward, and then two giant steps back. I am currently 3 blog posts behind my posting schedule, which can be incredibly frustrating. Once I start feeling buried in a task (much like dishes), I just let it sit and the tasks start to pile-up until I force myself to come back to it.

I have to keep telling myself to just STICK WITH IT! To accurately juggle both my blog and my shop without overwhelming myself, I am going to create one item per week to publish to both (shop and blog)! So I need to pick a day out of the week to publish a new blog post and a day out of the week to upload DLC to my shop. Using the same days every week to upload new content adds structure to my life and gives my audience something they can look forward to. So here is my current posting schedule:

Mondays: Printables
Fridays: Blog Posts


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