Re: Cleaning

How to Clean Your House with the 3-Day Plan

I’m going to pretend that my house isn’t a complete disaster right now, so that I can write out this blog post for you guys (no pics for good reason)! Smart idea: Let the messiest person alive tell you how to keep your house clean, right? You see, I know HOW to keep my house clean, but that doesn’t mean that I have been recently doing so.

You know when you get sick or extremely busy, and the house gets properly neglected? The dishes tend to pile up and you start washing them only as you need them. Then the mess piles up so much that you start to feel too overwhelmed to even think about cleaning! Well, that’s basically been my life lately.  That’s why I developed The 3-Day Plan! Basically, it takes me about 3 days to turn a disaster of a home into a clean abyss… without feeling overwhelmed.


Day 1 mainly consists of me organizing.

Main objective: avoid the mountain of dishes! Instead, I walk through my house room to room, finding things that don’t belong where they currently reside. I then put the item away properly. Try to keep at least one item in your hands at all times. When you find the correct place for that item, pick up the nearest item that needs to be put somewhere else! I can usually find one or two items that don’t belong there. So basically, I jump room to room just finding things close to me that aren’t put away, and put them away. Easy enough, right? I don’t really sanitize anything on Day 1. Sometimes, I will clear the floors in my home of any junk and vacuum the whole house. Because pet hair is the worst!

Day 2 usually consists of dishes and laundry.


I don’t have a working dishwasher, so dishes usually takes an hour-plus depending on how much I have neglected them. It used to take more time, but I have really downsized the amount of dishes I keep in my home. That forces me to wash them more often.

Courtesy of California’s drought that lasted years, I am still in the water-conserving mindset. I fill up one side of my sink with soapy water and dishes. Take a dish out, scrub, put in the other side of the sink. Once I fill the other side, I rinse all the dishes at once, then place in the dishwasher.

Laundry is simple enough. I wash clothes, dry them, fold them, put them away. I usually watch a short show (lately it’s been Malcolm in the Middle) while folding so that I don’t give-up on cleaning all together.

Dishes are the worst, I hate day two.

Day 3 is scrubbing & sanitizing.

My main goal of this day is to get my house to the point I can have company over and not feel utterly disgusting. I scrub counter-tops, the toilet, sinks, floors, etc. If I have any left-over laundry or dishes, day three is the day for that.

Keeping your house clean is actually pretty simple. I usually start tidying up right after dinner, and finish up when I put the kids to bed. Normally, it takes me about an hour to an hour-and-a-half to clean up. My nightly rule is: Make the house look cleaner than it did the night before. I promise, if you spend an hour per day focusing on that rule, your house will stay clean until you have another shit day that ruins your routine.

I honestly would rather do ANYTHING else aside from cleaning. I love having a clean house, but absolutely loathe cleaning.


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