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Planning For The Future

As I was thinking about the goals I have for this blog and where I would like my blog to be many years from now… I started to think: Where do I see myself later on in my life? What are my current goals and aspirations, and how can I achieve them? Well, let’s write it all out! Maybe in due time it will be fun to revisit this post, and compare my future life to the life I currently desire.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In 5 years…

I will probably still be in California. I really hate living here, but we would never leave our daughter or take shared custody away from her biological mother. We plan to wait until she is an adult to move out-of-state. She would be welcome to come with to start her life elsewhere, or we will pay for her to visit us often in the event she doesn’t want to join us.

I will be thirty years old!!! I hope to have one or two more kids to fully complete my family! Hopefully I am in decent shape after birthing the little-fat-heads, but it’s never too late to get back into shape 😉

I would like to have a small following on this blog and maybe YouTube account within five years. I would be happy with anything above 1,000 people within that amount of time. My goal is to give something positive to people, without taking anything away from them. I really don’t want to make my living selling stuff. If I did make a living selling items, that would be okay as long as the product was my creation.

I am not a fan of Multi-level Marketing and you would never in a million years see me selling anything with a business based on referral marketing. If you are a part of that, that’s great for you! It’s just not for me.

In 10 years…

I would like to be planning to move out of the State of California. By that time, our house should be worth a lot more than we paid for it. I mean, it has only been two years since we bought our home and the estimated value has gone up eighty thousand dollars. I plan on selling our home in California and purchasing two homes in one of the twenty-five permissive open-carry states. I would like to live in one of the homes, while renting the other one out for income. Cha ching!

I will be roughly thirty-five years old at this time. I hope to have made my mark on the social media world in a positive way. I don’t want to be super well-known or anything, I don’t think I could handle fame. I would hope to be making money off of various online social outlets and advertising.

In 20 years…

Oh boy! I plan on owning at least 5 properties by this time. My husband and my retirement is going to be funded through Real Estate since it’s an imperative market. Hopefully we can retire in 20 years, although we will only be in our mid to late 40’s. I am not completely counting on being able to retire by then, but I would be happy having over three properties by this time.

Maybe I will become a Real Estate Agent, you never know! I would like to be blogging or vlogging while traveling the world at this point. It’s so hard to look that far in the future as there are so many things that could change the course of  my journey. So many factors to just a single outcome!

All of these outcomes are completely hypothetical. I would sooo love for this to be the result of my hardworking life, but you really never know where you will end up. It doesn’t hurt to start planning for your future, and actively try to reach these goals.

As for my blog, I really need to start advertising myself more. I have great content to share, but hardly any viewers. I also need to get started on creating a YouTube Channel that can tie back to my blog.

I always go back and forth between being more of a mom-blog or more of a gaming-blog. I don’t want to limit myself, and so far I feel like I have put out more in-depth non-gaming content. I have definitely exceeded my expectations pertaining to my writing, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

When should you start planning for your future? Right now! You should have, at the very least, a general idea of the direction your life is going to head. Being self-sufficient is a must for me! I want to bring in the income, and it would be best if my husband didn’t have to work a regular nine-to-five anymore! You don’t have to have your whole life planned, but the five years would be a good start.

I would write down a list of your life’s goals, and then every day do anything that gets you even the smallest bit closer to achieving those goals! Best wishes & good luck!


6 thoughts on “Planning For The Future

  1. It’s always the right time to plan your future. Even though when you get to the 5, 10, 20 year marks and you may not have achieved what you “planned” for, at least you took life by the horns instead of the other way around.

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