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Mandatory Evacuations | What do you bring?

I haven’t really had the drive to make a blog post as of recently. I have hit that point where I am starting to give-up hope on this blog. Nobody is reading it, so why am I still writing? Well, I’m basically going to write quality posts when I feel like writing posts. If I have to force myself to write a blog post, it’s not going to be my best.

Right now, I feel like writing.

I live in Northern California. This week in California there have been an insane amount of fires that have little to no containment. The fire that I will be talking about specifically is Atlas. It started Monday, October 9th in Napa, California. The featured image on this blog post is a picture of the Coffee Park Area in Santa Rosa.

Currently, the fire is still very active. It seems like every store in my town and surrounding towns have sold out of N95 masks and air purifiers. I don’t smell smoke today, but the air quality is still very polluted. Yesterday’s air quality was TERRIBLE & since I live in a valley with no wind at the time, the smoke and pollution was staying put.


Atlas is only at 3% containment. 43,762 acres and
200 structures have burned down at this time.
Trump approved a major disaster declaration, which
means FEMA has mobilized to add additional assistance.
Unknown death toll or number of missing persons.

My house doesn’t seem to be in danger at this point. I have the fireplace, vents, and some door seams taped up. I was running the humidifier and had a pot of water and essential oils sitting on the stove for all of yesterday.

As you can see by the image, the nearest perimeter of the fire is about 15 miles from my house! (I’m the red pin-point)
I live in Vacaville, California. October 11, 2017 at & 7:00AM, the air quality here was 422 PM2.5 (Particulate Matter that has a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers) AQI (Air Quality Index).

Our air quality was in the dark purple yesterday which means: “Health warnings of emergency conditions. The entire population is more likely to be affected“. Schools in Napa Valley, Fairfield, and Vacaville have all closed due to either evacuations, the fire in general, or air quality. My daughter hasn’t been to school since Monday even though the schools were open Tuesday and Wednesday (mainly for parents that didn’t have the option to take time off of work). I simply won’t risk my kids respiratory systems, but being a stay-at-home mom made staying home possible without reprimand. We have stayed inside for the past 48+ hours.

This all brings me to a question…

If you had five minutes to evacuate, what would you bring?

I would try to stay calm. I would calmly ask the kids to get 3 outfits and a jacket into their pillowcase (keeping the pillow inside of it if possible). I would make sure that my oldest knew that this was an emergency and that they can’t play around.

While my kids are packing their clothes, I would be putting my Beretta M9 Pistol, Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun, and boxes of ammo into the car. The main reason for this is looters. I don’t want my guns in the wrong hands. Packing my guns into the car wouldn’t take long because they are all locked up and ready to go. The ammo for them are in heavy boxes, but I am capable of lifting them.

USB Drive
My kids would already be safely in the car at this point. All of my photos are backed up onto my USB. If I can’t bring my laptop as well, I would bring my USB at the very least.

The main documents that I am concerned about are social security cards, birth certificates, life insurance documents, mortgage paperwork, and homeowners insurance documents. I would try to throw all of these into my Family Binder if possible.

It’s pretty shitty having my animals so far down the list. If I was not able to get to them by this time, I would leave the door open so they at least had a chance to get away. If I had enough time, I would grab leashes and put my dogs into the truck. I would put my younger cat into the carrier. The older cat probably wouldn’t come with only because he is terrified of human contact. Catching him would take me a good half hour. I would try though!

I don’t see myself having much time after collecting all of the above items. I wouldn’t have clothes for myself unless I had more time available to collect them. My top concerns  [in order of importance] are my kids, my guns, and my USB drive. My kids and the photos on my USB can’t be replaced and I don’t want to arm a criminal with my guns which would probably endanger the lives of anybody that crossed the criminal.

While evacuating, I would try to find a neighbor that could drive my truck away from the fire until my husband could make it home. We could load his motorcycle onto the truck and save both vehicles. If I was unable to drive the truck away, I would leave my keys on the hood of the truck in the hopes that it could save somebody that needed it. It’s not really a nice truck anyways, so the looters can have it.

I don’t think Atlas will result in my family evacuating. Although, I wouldn’t have typed that last sentence if there were still high winds outside. The fate of our home depends on the weather at this point.

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